Using Emy with .NET

.NET Core installation details

Using native SoundFingerprinting.Emy client provides the ability to generate fingerprints and use them to insert or query Emy storage.

Install native .NET client for Emy via NuGet.

Install-Package SoundFingerprinting.Emy

If you intend to fingerprint audio content encoded in various formats (i.e., .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .ts, .mp4, etc.,) the package comes bundled with FFmpegAudioService. It uses native FFmpeg library thus you need to install FFmpeg binaries separately to make FFmpegAudioService work:

  • Windows - download FFmpeg libraries for x64 platform. Place the files alongside your executable in the following folder: FFmpeg\bin\x64.
  • Debian - apt-get install ffmpeg
  • MacOS - brew install ffmpeg

In case you need only .wav file support you can use SoundFingerprintingAudioService which does not require any external dependencies.


Configuring FFmpeg

It is recommended to use FFmpegAudioService in all circumstances. It provides faster decoding with more accurate downsampling, affecting both accuracy and recall rate. SoundFingerprintingAudioService is used mostly for testing and quick prototyping.