How to query Emy storage

Once you have stored audio fingerprints, you are ready to search them.

The query audio files can come from a variety of sources: microphone, stream capture, mobile device, etc. It's up to your application where you get the query samples.

// use FFmpegAudioService
var audioService = new FFmpegAudioService();

// query file
string queryAudioFile = "query.mp3";

// connect to Emy on port 3399
var emyModelService = EmyModelService.NewInstance("localhost", 3399);
 // query Emy database
var queryResult = await QueryCommandBuilder.Instance.BuildQueryCommand()
                                          .UsingServices(modelService, audioService)
 // register matches such that they appear in the dashboard					

In order to register matches back to Emy storage, you can invoke RegisterMatches, making them searchable in the backoffice.
Matches are stored for 7 days.