Insert new track into Emy, generating fingerprints from media file available at provided URL.

Supported platforms to download from: YouTube, Twitter. Please note the URL has to contain full path, shortened URLs are not supported.
Please provide a unique Track.Id for Emy storage to uniquely identify it. If a track with the same ID is already stored in Emy, it will be overwritten.
Default Track.MediaType is Audio | Video (value = 3), which means both Audio and Video fingerprints will be stored in Emy.
If you want to insert audio only from a URL which contains both audio and video streams (i.e. .mp4, .mov, etc.), please set TrackInfo.MediaType to Audio (value = 1). Same for Video (value = 2).
By default, a wide variety of media formats are supported, listing them all here is not feasible. If you encounter an unsupported format please contact support.

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