What is Emy?

This page will help you get started with Emy

Emy is an efficient database for audio/video fingerprints, used for content search.

Emy comes in different flavors. If you want to use Emy as a cloud service then sign up for Emy Cloud. Emy Cloud has a flexible pricing schema with usage-based pricing plans. If you plan to use Emy for high-volume search, contact us for a dedicated environment setup.

Emy also provides a Docker community edition which is designed for non-commercial use. Great for personal and academic purposes.

Emy can be used for a wide variety of scenarios.

  • audio fingerprinting API
  • realtime content monitoring
  • content deduplication
  • second screen synchronization
  • repeating content detection
  • shazam style apps

If you don't find your uses case listed here, contact us to discuss it.